Adding New Users to Moodle

You may add users to your Moodle course who do not have UW net IDs, such as adjunct faculty or international students.

  1. Go to
  2. On the Moodle homepage, go to Site administration, Users, Accounts, Add a new user

  3. Create a username and temporary password; click Force password change
  4. Enter their first name, surname, email address, and required fields (in red)

  5. Save
  6. Now, go back to your homepage and enter the course in which you want to enroll the new user

  7. Within the course, on the right side Navigation go to Settings, Course administration, Users, Enrolled users

  8. This will bring you to a list of currently enrolled users. To add a new user, click Enrol user

  9. Search the user's name, select the desired role, click Enrol and close 

  10. The new user will now appear on the class list

  11. Finally, notify the new user that they must log in at:

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