Using Forums

Moodle forums allow students and teachers to exchange ideas by posting comments.

Common types of forums include:

  • a general use forum
  • a single discussion topic forum
  • a multiple discussion topic forum (each person posts one topic)
  • a question-and-answer forum

To use a forum:

Log in to your Moodle course web page

  1. Locate the forum and click to enter.

  2. Once in the forum, you may Add a new discussion topic or reply to an existing discussion by clicking on the discussion link.

  3. If replying to an existing discussion, click it to enter the discussion, and then click Reply.

  4. When adding a new discussion topic, you may email the group to notify them of a new discussion, or elect to have new posts automatically emailed to you.

  5. You have 5 minutes to make changes to a forum reply or new discussion topic.

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