How to Upload Assignments

Your professor may create and collect assignments through the Moodle course web page. We recommend using Firefox or an up-to-date browser. Outdated browsers, especially Internet explorer, may cause problems.

Here is how to upload your assignment on Moodle:

Log in to your Moodle course web page

  1. Click on the Assignment.


  2. Read the assignment instructions, check the assignment window (available date and due date), and then click Upload a file if you are ready to submit

  3. Click choose a file . . .

  4. Select Upload a file, Browse your computer for the file, single click the file name to attach, and then Upload this file

  5. Make sure the correct file appears in the blue box, and then click Save changes
    *NOTE: if a "?" appears next to the file, an error occurred and you must re-upload the file

  6. Your successfully uploaded file now appears on the Assignment home page.

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