Uploading Files

Moodle allows you to post documents to share with your students, including PowerPoint, Word documents, PDFs, and more.

To upload files from your computer to your Moodle course webpage we highly recommend using Firefox as your browser.  

Log on to your Moodle course webpage with your UW username and password at http://moodle.law.wisc.edu/

  1. Click Turn Editing On in the upper right hand corner.
  2. Go to the section of the course that you want the file to appear in, and select "File" from the "Add a resource" dropdown menu. 
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  4. Give the file a name and click "add" to browse for a file on your computer.
    Screenshot of adding a new file

  5. Click Browse, choose/single-click the file you want to upload, click Open, and then Upload this file

    Screenshot of file picker

  6. Save and return to complete the process.

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