"Law and Indigeneity" April 30, 2012

Faculty and Early Career Scholar Legal History Workshop

Overview and Workshop Format: This one-day workshop is open to a limited group of faculty and graduate students who have committed to read a series of papers and who have been invited to provide critical comments to participating scholars. The Program Chair is Miranda Johnson (Assistant Professor of History, University of Wisconsin).

     Guest scholars include Stuart Kirsch (Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Michigan) and Hilary Soderland (attorney and scholar). 

     University of Wisconsin participants include Sumudu Atapattu (Associate Director of the Global Legal Studies Center), Jimmy Casas Klausen (Assistant Professor of Political Science)Heinz Klug (Associate Dean for Research and Director of the Global Legal Studies Center), Richard Monette (Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Great Lakes Indian Law Center), Larry Nesper (Associate Professor of Anthropology and American Indian Studies), and Jarrett Chapin, graduate student. 

     Readings for this workshop will be posted on a password-protected site.  All participants are expected to read the papers before the workshop and to come prepared to discuss each piece after the author makes brief introductory remarks. 

      Attendance is limited to a small group in order to facilitate discussion of each paper. If you are interested in attending and actively participating in this workshop, please contact Program Chair Miranda Johnson at her email address

Sponsors: The Institute for Legal Studies and the Global Legal Studies Center at the University of Wisconsin Law School.  Cosponsored by the American Indian Studies Program.

Location: Lubar Commons (Law School room 7200)

Draft Program Updated 4/19/12:

8:30-9:00 Coffee and Conversation

9:00  Welcome and Introductions: Miranda Johnson

9:00-10:00 Session I: Stuart Kirsch
               "Mining Politics from Space to Time"

10:00-11:00 Session II: Miranda Johnson
                "Property v. Belonging: Firstness and the Gove Land Rights Case"

11:00-11:30 Break

11:30-12:30 Session III: Jimmy Casas Klausen
                  "Historic Injustice & Indigenous Proximity in Former Settler-Colonies:
                   Why Waldron Gets Kant Wrong"

12:30-2:00   Lunch for workshop participants and invited guests
                  at Husnu's, 547 State Street.

2:00-3:00   Session IV: Larry Nesper
                "Citizenship, Comity, and Culture: Figuring Cultural Difference in
                Allocating Jurisdiction between State and the Tribes"

3:00-4:00  Session V: Hilary Soderland
               "The 'Burden of Affiliation': Repatriation and Indigeneity
                within the Domain of United States Archaeology"

4:00-4:15   Break

4:15-5:15  Session VI: Jarrett Chapin
               "Choosing or Chosen: Disposable Citizenship and the Rogers Test 
               in Federal Indian Criminal Courts, 1846-2009"

5:15 Adjourn

7:00 Dinner for workshop participants and invited guests at Chautara, 334 State Street.

Link to All Papers (This is a password-protected page, with access limited to workshop participants.)

Questions:  Please email Miranda Johnson or Pam Hollenhorst, Associate Director of the Institute for Legal Studies.

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