Process, Procedure, and the Making of the Western Legal Tradition

Legal History Workshop for Faculty and Early Career Scholars

Monday, April 15, 2013

Overview and Workshop Format: This one-day workshop is open to a limited group of faculty and graduate students who have committed to read a series of papers and who have been invited to provide critical comments to participating scholars. The Program Chairs are Karl Shoemaker, Associate Professor of History and Law and Director of the Medieval Studies Program, and Ada Kuskowski, Law and Society Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Wisconsin Law School.      

     Guest scholars include Emily E. Kadens, Baker and Botts Professor in Law at the University of Texas School of Law in Austin, Richard H. Helmholz, Ruth Wyatt Rosenson Distinguished Service Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School, and Adam J. Kosto, Professor of History at Columbia University. 

     UW participants include Don Davis (Languages and Cultures of Asia and Legal Studies), Richard Keyser (History and Legal Studies), Jordan Rosenblum (Hebrew and Semitic Studies), Mitra Sharafi (Law and Legal Studies), and Laura Wangerin (History).

    Readings for this workshop have been posted on a password-protected site.  All participants are expected to read the papers before the workshop and to come prepared to discuss each piece after the author makes brief introductory remarks.    
     Attendance is limited to a small group in order to facilitate discussion of each paper. If you are interested in attending and actively participating in this workshop, please contact Karl Shoemaker or Ada Kuskowski.

Sponsors: The Institute for Legal Studies at the University of Wisconsin Law School and the Medieval Studies Program in the Department of History.

Location: Lubar Commons (Law School room 7200)

Draft Program:

8:30-9:00    Coffee and Conversation

9:00-9:15     Welcome and Introductions: Karl Shoemaker 

9:15-10:15   Session I: Adam Kosto
                  "Delays and Deadlines: Law, Time and Legal Process in Visigothic Spain"
                  Comments by Ada Kuskowski.  

10:20-11:20  Session II:  Richard Keyser
                   "Property Law and Civil Society: Courts, Conflicts, and Procedure
                   in Champagne, France, 1150-1300"
                   Comments by Mitra Sharafi.

11:20-11:35  Break

11:35-12:35  Session III: Jordan Rosenblum
                  "Changing the Subject: Rabbinic Legal Process in the Absence of Justification"
                  Comments by Don Davis and Karl Shoemaker.

12:35-2:00   Lunch for workshop participants at the University Club.

2:00-3:00    Session IV: Karl Shoemaker 
                  "The Processus Sathanae" 
                  Comments by Richard Keyser.

3:05-4:05    Session V: Emily Kadens
                 "Procedure and the Taming of Custom"
                 Comments by Ada Kuskowski. 

4:04-4:20    Break

4:20-5:20   Session VI: Richard Helmholz
                 "The Influence of Natural Law on European Procedural Law:
                 Examples from History"
                 Comments by Karl Shoemaker.


7:00           Dinner for workshop participants and invited guests
                 Location TBA

Secure Link to Papers (login and password will be provided to participants)

Hotel Info and link to map for Guest Participants: Lowell Inn and Conference Center, 610 Langdon Street, at the intersection with Frances Street, two blocks from the Law School. The parking entrance for the Lowell Center is on the side facing Frances Street. Additional hotel information can be found at and Directions and UW Campus Map

Questions about participation may be directed to the Program Chairs named above. Questions about logistics and information posted on this page may be directed to Pam Hollenhorst, Associate Director of the Institute for Legal Studies.

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