Wisconsin Discussion Group on Constitutionalism

October 5-6, 2012

General Information

About this Event: This workshop, hosted by Associate Dean Heinz Klug, is one of a series of events for a Discussion Group that has been meeting for almost two decades at various law schools. Known informally as a "Schmooze", the workshop provides an opportunity for an informal conversation among constitutional scholars. This year the topic of discussion will be “Revising and Amending Constitutions: New Theory and Practice in the United States and Beyond.”   

Who May Attend: Participation is by invitation only.

Sponsors: The University of Wisconsin Law School and the Institute for Legal Studies. 

Overview:  Sessions will be held in Lubar Commons (LAW BLDG 7200) beginning at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 5th and continuing all day Saturday, Oct. 6th. Dinner will be provided both nights, as will refreshments and lunch on Saturday. Participants are responsible for arranging their own travel and accommodations.

Program Information

Program  10/2/12 

Accessing Tickets Only confirmed participants will receive the log-in and password required to access this password-protected page. Tickets from the following people have been uploaded to date: 

  • Tom Ginsburg (University of Chicago)
    "The Challenges of Measuring Amendment Difficulty"
  • Mark A. Graber (University of Maryland)
    "Constitutional Change"
  • Gabor Halmai (Princeton University 2012-13)
    “Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments: The Role of Constitutional Courts”
  • Aziz Z. Huq (University of Chicago)
    "Article V Revisited: Textual Rigidity and Constitutional Survival"
  • Heinz Klug (University of Wisconsin)
    "In Zimbabwe's Shadow: Land, Property and Constitutional Amendment in South Africa"
  • David Law (Georgetown Law Center 2012-13)
    "The Myth of the Imposed Constitution"
  • Sanford Levinson (University of Texas)
    "Learning from American State Constitutions" (Ch. 15 of Framed)
  • Richard Monette (University of Wisconsin)
    "Amending Constitutions and Building Institutions in Indian Country"
  • Amy Myrick (Northwestern University)
    "U.S. Popular Article V Advocacy: When, Why, and How?"
  • Boaventura de Sousa Santos (University of Wisconsin and University of Coimbra)  "Transformative Constitutionalism in Latin America"
  • Mila Versteeg (University of Virginia)
    "Substituting the Constitution: The Effects of Human Rights Treaties on Constitutional Bills of Rights"
  • Emily Zackin (Hunter College)
    "Why Write New Rights?: Understanding Constitutional Development Apart from Entrenchment"

Tickets Pending:

  • Mark Sidel (University of Wisconsin)
    "Constitutional Revision in Single Party States: Comparing Constitutional Amendment in China and Vietnam"
  • Mariah Zeisberg (University of Michigan)
    "Constitutional Amendment through Treaty: The UN, NATO, and Presidential War Powers"


Hotel Block -- Release date Sept. 5th: Lowell Inn and Conference Center, 610 Langdon Street. To reserve online, paste this event-specific URL into your browser window: bit.ly/conlaw05october   To reserve via phone, call toll free (866) 301-1753 and request a room under group code CONLAW. Breakfast is included with the room; there is a small fee for parking onsite, which can be arranged when you make your reservation. 

Hotel Update as of 9/11/12:
There are rooms available for conference participants at the Fluno Center for Executive Education (608) 441-7117.

Other Accommodations: If the above hotels are full, please see the searchable list of accommodations maintained by the Madison Visitors site: link to list of hotels


For questions about the program, please contact Heinz Klug.
For questions about logistics or the content of this page, please contact Pam Hollenhorst.

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