Family Policy and Law Colloquium Series

From 2004-2007 the Institute collaborated with the Center for Excellence in Family Studies in the School of Human Ecology to sponsor an annual series of lectures by distinguished scholars in the field of family law. The interdisciplinary series featured speakers of interest to faculty and students concerned with law and policies related to families and children. Presentations alternated with the Law School and the School of Human Ecology.

Fall 2007

11/12/07  Guest speaker: Penelope Bryan, Professor of Law and Associate Dean, University of Denver Sturm College of Law. "Constructive Divorce: Procedural Justice and Sociological Reform." After the lecture Professor Bryan held a separate discussion session on "Court Treatment of Parent Alienation Syndrome in Divorce Cases," followed by an informal session for family law students, focusing on current dilemmas in U.S. custody law, led by Professor Bryan and Professor Elizabeth Mertz.

Spring 2007  Noncustodial Fatherhood:
How Law and Policy Influence Men's Connections to their Children

4/20/07 Panel Discussion and University Lecture from 9:00-12:30 in Lubar Commons (7200 Law):  Link to Program

Fall 2006  Theme: Child Mistreatment

9/11/06 (at noon in 178 SOHE) Guest speaker: Patti Herman, Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Wisconsin, an organization that builds community resources, provides training and public awareness, and carries out advocacy activities in order to strengthen child abuse prevention efforts in Wisconsin.

10/16/06  (at noon in 178 SOHE) Guest speaker: Kerry Bolger, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Studies. Professor Bolger's research focuses on parent-child relationahips and the implications of early adversity for children's social and emotional development. her current poverty-related projects include a longitudinal study of developmental risk and resilience among maltreated children.

11/6/06  (at noon in 7200 Law) Guest speaker: Dianne Greenley, Supervising Attorney, Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy (WCA). Greenley's area of expertise is adult mental illness and its connection of childhood physical and sexual abuse. WCA is a private, nonprofit agency chosen by Wisconsin's Governor to provide protection and advocacy for people with disabilities throughout the state.

Spring 2006

2/13/06 "Labor markets from the Bottom Up: Policy Issues Around the Proliferation of Low-Wage and Lousy Jobs" by Jaime Peck, Professor of Geography and Sociology. 

3/21/06 "Meeting the Challenges of the Self-Represented in Family Court" by Marsha Mansfield, Clinical Assistant Professor, UW Law School.

4/10/06  "Do Non-Marital Childbearing Choices Reflect Expected Income and Relationship Consequences?" by Barbara Wolfe, Professor of Economics, Population Health Sciences, and Public Affairs. 

Fall 2005

9/19/05 "Did Welfare Reform Increase the Risk of Chilc Maltreatment? Some Answers and Some Further Questions" by Kristy Slack, Assistant Professor of Social Work.

10/17/05  "Families, Schools, and Summer Learning" by Geoffrey Borman, Associate Professor with the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis, Educational Policy Studies, and Educational Psychology.

11/14/05 "Partnerships and Parenthood in Cross-National Perspective" by Elizabeth Thomson, Professor of Sociology.

Spring 2005

3/14/05 "Wisconsin's Pilot Long-Term Care Redesign Program" by Stephanie Roberts, Associate Professor, School of Social Work.

3/29/05 "Complicated Families and Child Support Policy: An Analysis of Cross-State VAriations in Legal Treatment of Multiple-Partner Fertility:" by Professor Tonya Brito, UW Law School.

4/11/05 "Do Flexible Firms Require Flexible Families? Labor Force Implications of Restructured Employment Relations" by Professor Leann Tigges, Department of Rural Sociology.

Fall 2004

10/11/04 "Charter Schools in Wisconsin and Beyond" by John Witte, Professor of Political Science and the Robert M. LaFollette School of Public Affairs. 

11//8/04 "Flipping the Yen? A Legal Peek at the Fate of Children from Families in Crisis in Japan" by Nina Camic, Clinical Associate Professor, UW Law School.

12/10/04 "Family Factors and Adolescent Adjustment in a Sample of Serious Juvenile Offenders" by Laurence Steinberg, Laura H. Carnell Professor of Psychology, Temple University. 

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