Hollenhorst, Pamela Stiebs

Pam Hollenhorst

Pam Hollenhorst received a J.D. from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1997. As Associate Director of the Institute for Legal Studies, she coordinates conferences, arranges for guest speakers and faculty workshops, and is a liaison with visiting scholars and graduate fellows. She also serves as the law faculty consultant for submission of external funding proposals. Ms. Hollenhorst is responsible for overseeing two capstone events hosted by the Institute for Legal Studies: the Hurst Summer Institute in Legal History, a biennial event that brings early career legal historians to Madison for two weeks to work closely with distinguished senior scholars, and the Midwest Law and Society Retreat, a biennial event that  brings together faculty and graduate students from the Midwest's diverse law and society programs for a weekend of intellectual exchange and community building. In 2005, she assisted Professor Heinz Klug in organizing the inaugural events for the Global Legal Studies Initiative, which became the Global Legal Studies Center.

Ms. Hollenhorst is the author of "2001: The Sunset Year for Non Federally Regulated Farm and Residential Underground Storage Tanks," 4 ENVIRONMENTAL LAW JOURNAL 65 (1997); "Admission to the Bar: An Annotated Bibliography of Law Review Articles,1989 1997," 66 THE BAR EXAMINER 35 (No. 4, November 1997); "What Do We Know About Anger Management Programs in Corrections?" 62 FEDERAL PROBATION 52 (No. 2, December 1998), reprinted in Correctional Counseling & Treatment 4th Edition, Peter C. Kratcoski, ed. (Waveland Press, 2000); and "Options for Foreign Trained Attorneys: FLC Licensing or Bar Admission," 68 THE BAR EXAMINER 7 (No. 3, August 1999). She is co author of "'Three Strikes': Five Years Later" (with Walter Dickey), the report of the Campaign for an Effective Crime Policy (November 1998), reprinted in 9 OVERCROWDED TIMES 2 (No. 6, Dec. 1998) and 3 CORRECTIONS MANAGEMENT QUARTERLY 1 (No. 3, Summer 1999).

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