2009 Hurst Institute Photos

Barbara Welke and the 2009 Hurst Fellows

Barbara Welke and the 2009 Hurst Fellows:
(Left to Right) Lisa Blee, Binyamin Blum, Kelly Kennington,
Melissa Hayes, Gautham Rao, Kevin Arlyck, Barbara Welke (chair),
Daniel LaChance, Karen Tani, Joshua Stein, Cynthia Nicoletti,
Hannah Weiss Muller, and Nancy Buenger.

2009 Participants

2009 Participants First Row: Lisa Blee, Kelly Kennington,
Gautham Rao, Barbara Welke (chair), Karen Tani, Cynthia Nicoletti,
Nancy Buenger.  Second Row: Pam Hollenhorst, Binyamin Blum,
Melissa Hayes, Kevin Arlyck, Daniel LaChance, Joshua Stein,
Hannah Weiss Muller, and Mitra Sharafi. Third Row: Karl Shoemaker, Lawrence Friedman, Robert W. Gordon, and Stewart Macaulay.
[Not pictured: ILS Director Howard Erlanger and Guest scholars Risa Goluboff, Christine Desan, and Matthew Sommer.]

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