Midwest Law & Society Retreat: October 24-25, 2014

Submit a Proposal or Register to Attend: June 1st Deadline

Grad Student Faculty/Academic Staff Independent Scholar

Please indicate your main areas of interest:

If you would like to give a 15-20 minute talk about your current work, please complete the section below. Discussion of early stage research and working drafts is preferred.

Project Stage: Early Research Working Draft Near Final

Short Description (Max. 1800 characters or about 1/2 of a page)

Research Methods If you would like to give a 15 minute talk about issues in doing research --
issues related to gaining access, a technique or software program that you have found particularly helpful in your qualitative or quantitative work, a critique of the typical use of a technique, issues related to human subjects requirements -- please complete the section below. This would be a short presentation designed to inform and encourage discussion.
Short Description (maximum 1200 characters or about 1/3 of a page)

Professional Interest If you would you like to give a talk about a topic of professional development and interest, such as strategies for getting grants, getting work published or obtaining a book contract, issues relating to teaching or mentoring, finding good research topics and getting a dissertation underway, negotiating the job market for lateral, entry level or visiting positions, or the like, please complete the section below.

Short Description (maximum 1200 characters or about 1/3 of a page)

Law and Society Issues Would you like to give a talk or participate on a panel on issues broadly related to the field of law and society,­ future directions for the field, training opportunities for scholars, the relationship between scholarship, policy, and social, change, etc.? Would you like to attend such a panel?
Interested in: Presenting Attending Not Interested

Short Description (maximum 1200 characters or about 1/3 of a page)

Facilitating: Are you interested in being a facilitator for a discussion group or panel presentation?
Yes Available if needed No 

Participation Conditions: Do you need to make a presentation or facilitate a panel in order to secure funding to attend the Retreat?
Yes No

Do you have any suggestions for the program?

REQUIRED-Please select one of the following registration fee options:
Non-UW Graduate Student or Independent Scholar: $75
Non-UW Faculty or Academic Staff:  $150
UW Faculty, Academic Staff or Grad Student (Fees covered by ILS funding)

You do not need to pay any fee at this time. We will contact you in July with program details and a request to confirm your participation, along with information from the UW Extension for payment by credit card.

Thank you for registering -- we will be in touch in a few weeks!

You will receive a copy of your submission via email to serve as a confirmation.

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