The Place of Theology in the Liberal State and a Globalized World

October 11-12, 2002

This interdisciplinary conference is free and open to students, faculty, and the community. It is sponsored by the Project for Law and the Humanities with support from the Anonymous Fund, the Institute for Legal Studies, the Mosse/Weinstein Center for Jewish Studies, the Religious Studies Program, Edgewood College and the University Book Store. The purpose of the conference is to encourage the academy's study of theology as part of the liberal state's political discourse, and the legal profession's examination of its jurisprudence in light of such work. More broadly, it will inform members of the University community— including graduate and undergraduate students—and citizens in the greater Madison area about the rationales for and against theologically influenced state policies—e.g., the Bush administration's stand on church-based welfare—and the impact of theology on both liberal and non-liberal states, e.g., Israel and Iran. The conference papers will appear in book form edited by Professors Len Kaplan and Charles Cohen, and published by the University of Wisconsin Press.

Conference Participants: The panelists and speakers are noted scholars from disciplines including philosophy, theology, history and law. The panels will be chaired by members of the UW faculty representing an equally diverse range of fields.

Organizing Committee: Leonard V. Kaplan (chair), Mortimer M. Jackson Professor of Law at the UW Law School, and Charles L. Cohen, UW Professor of History and Director of the Religious Studies Program. For more information contact Pam Hollenhorst at

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