Law In Action Profiles

Marsha Mansfield

Professor Marsha Mansfield
"In our clinics, we see the long-range benefits of serving people who wouldn't otherwise have access to counsel."

R. Alta Charo

Professor R. Alta Charo
Charo’s work embodies the Law School's Law in Action tradition, where classroom instruction meets legal theory meets policy and practice.

Christopher Ladwig ’07, Benjamin Wesson ‘06

Christopher Ladwig ’07, Benjamin Wesson ‘06
"Ben and Chris put Law in Action and the Wisconsin Idea into practice everysingle day. By working smartly within the Criminal Justice environment,their work provides a unified vision of public safety that is deeply intersected with agencies and connected to the community.”

David Anstaett '01

David Anstaett '01
"There’s a recognition at Wisconsin that traditional lecture courses alone won’t make a well- rounded lawyer. In a clinic you interview clients, serve discovery, write briefs and think strategically about how to get the best result for your clients."

Suren Avanesyan '99

Suren Avanesyan '99
"Meeting Professor Hendley in 1995 was a very important event in my professional life. She become my mentor and the fact that I am now working in international law is in large extent because of her."

Chiann Bao '07
"There is no one right way to do law school - do it as you find works for you and create your own experience."

Bob Bellin '69 and Paul Bellin '05
Father and son, alumni Bob and Paul Bellin practice law in two hemispheres and share a strong interest in business law.

Scott Winston Colom '09

Scott Colom '09
"I had a friend who graduated from Wisconsin and he told me, 'Wisconsin doesn't just produce great law students; it produces great lawyers.'"

Cecelia Klingele '05

Cecelia Klingele '05
"Each clinical offered by the UW Law School provides students with different opportunities to develop as lawyers."

Heinz Klug

Professor Heinz Klug
“I love working with students and feel privileged to have the opportunity to continue to work closely with colleagues around the world and in South Africa in particular.”

Andrew Jaynes

Andrew Jaynes '07
"I went into my 1L year with a strong desire to have an international career, in whatever form it might take. I had a feeling that a law degree would open a lot of doors, and it has."

Professor Michele LaVigne
"Law matters because of the effect it has on the individuals it touches."

Stewart Macaulay

Professor Stewart Macaulay
"Sometimes the law on the books matters a great deal; often it doesn't."

Amanda Rockman '05

Amanda Rockman '05
"At UW Law School, I found an amazing community of individuals that led to very meaningful and important experiences."

Sarah Schuh '07

Sarah Schuh '07
“I believe a law degree creates opportunities to work as an agent for positive change.”

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