RSS Feeds: Subscribe to Law School Media

Have Law School News & Media delivered to you by subscribing to our RSS (Really Simple Syndication") Feeds.  All you need is an Internet connection and an RSS reader.

RSS Readers

An RSS reader is a small application that can monitor a website's RSS feeds for updates and collect the updates in one place for you to read, listen to, or watch. When the Law School has new media or news available, your RSS reader will let you know.

You may already have access to a built-in RSS reader if you use a modern browser like Firefox, Safari 2+, or Internet Explorer 7.  You can also subscribe to RSS feeds with web services like My Yahoo!, Google Reader, and Bloglines, or a downloadable program like Thunderbird.  To receive audio and video from our media feeds you will need a podcast reader such as iTunes or Juice.

How to Subscribe

You will recognize a Law School News or Media Feed by its orange "feed" icon Feed Available

  1. Copy the link to the feed you would like to subscribe to: For iTunes, go to "Advanced" > "Subscribe to Podcasts." Paste the link in the popup window and click "OK."