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Streaming Video System Requirements

Troubleshooting Streaming Video

I don't see any video at the streaming video link 

Make sure that your Internet connection is working.  (You can do this by checking a site that experiences few outages such as Google)

Make sure you have downloaded and installed Quicktime Player. You may need to re-install.

I get an error message.

Report "404" and "File Not Found" error messages to  Be sure to include the URL of the page where you encountered the problem. 

For other errors, check the Quicktime Troubleshooting Tips

Choppy/Interrupted Video

Your Internet connection speed may not be transferring data to your computer quickly enough for the video to play smoothly.  Try the lower-speed version of the video if available.

I see a puzzle piece instead of the video. 

The puzzle piece means your browser does not have the plugin required to play the video.  You may need to download and install Quicktime Player.

Downloadable Video System Requirements