Student Honors and Awards

The deadline for nominations of students for March 24 Honors and Awards is Wednesday, February 15. Please submit your nominations to Ruth Robarts via e-mail or her mailbox. Beginning in 2005-06, we are replacing the May Honors and Awards brunch with two Honors and Awards receptions during the spring semester. The first reception will be on March 24 and the second will be on April 25. Both receptions will be in Lubar Commons (Room 7200) from 4-6 p.m. We hope that faculty will attend both receptions. On March 24, we will have the first Honors and Award reception. This ceremony will recognize students receiving the following awards: We need faculty nominations for the awards that are bold-faced below. Abe Sigman Award (Scholarship and Service to Law School)* Abner Brody Award (Constitutional Law and Community Service)* Barbara Crabb Award (Honesty, Fairness and Equality under Law)* Bercovici Award (Jurisprudence)* Bernard Berk Award (Service to Economically Disadvantaged)* Bruce Beilfuss Award (Service to Law School)* Catherine Manning Award (Outstanding Contributions to LAIP)* Distinguished Service to Legal Defense Program Don A. Olson Award (Outstanding Student from Wisconsin)* Julie Strasser Award (Service to Needy by 1 or 2L)* Leon Feingold Award (Commitment to Community and Legal Profession)* Ray & Ethel Brown Award (Character and Community Service by 2L)* Ruth B. Doyle Award (Service to Law School & Community)* Melvin Friedman Award (Outstanding Contributions to Innocence Project)* Philip Owens Award (Outstanding Wisconsin Student)* Salmon W. Dalberg Award (Outstanding Student in Graduating Class)* Vicki & Brent Orrico Award (Leadership by 2L)* *indicates cash prize included The following March 24 awards already have winners or we use grade reports to select winners. ABA/BNA Health Law Award ABA/BNA Intellectual Property Law Award ABA/BNA Labor Law Award American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers’ Leonard Loeb Scholarship Award (Family Law and Community Service)* Association of Women Lawyers’ Virginia Pomeroy Scholarship (Scholarship and Service)* Daniel H. Grady Award (Graduating 3L with highest GPA at 5th semester)* Dean’s Academic Achievement Award (Graduating students with GPAs of 85.5 or better at the end of Fall 2005) Frederick C. Suhr Award (Wisconsin Student in Top 25% of Class)* Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Award (Highest Grade in Professional Responsibilities)* * indicates cash prize included On April 25, we will recognize the winners of these awards at the second reception. The deadline for nominations for these awards will be March 15. American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Scholarship (Family Law)* American Bankruptcy Institute Award (Credit Law) Andre M. Saltoun Award (Wisconsin student on Wisconsin Law Review)* George Laikin Award (Best Wisconsin Law Review Article – general topic)* Gordon D. Baldwin Scholarship (Criminal Law)* Gwynette E. Smalley Law Review Award (In-coming Editor-in-Chief and Outstanding Board Member)* Joseph Davies Award (Outstanding 2L on Wisconsin Law Review)* Katherine Held Award (Oustanding Contribution to Wisconsin Women’s Law Journal)* Mary Kelly Quackenbush Award (Best Student Article in Wisconsin International Law Journal)* Mathys Memorial Appellate Advocacy Award (Best Oralists)* Mathys Memorial Appellate Advocacy Award (Service to Moot Court)* National Association of Women Lawyers Award (Scholarship and Community Service) State Bar of Wisconsin Environmental Law Essay Award (Best Essay)* Unemployment Law Award (new—more information at a later date)* William T. Page Award (Best Student Article in Wisconsin Law Review – specific topic)* Wisconsin Public Interest Foundation’s Jackie Macaulay Award (Community Service) * indicates cash prize included

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