Create Your Own Pro Bono Project

 UW Law Students who would like to submit a pro bono project proposal to the UW Law School Pro Bono Program in order to create their own pro bono opportunity.

Guidelines for Qualifying Projects:

  1. Law-related: You must perform pro bono work that is related to the law.
  2. Uncompensated: You must work in a volunteer capacity and may not receive any compensation, including stipends.
  3. No Academic Credit: Your work cannot be used to fulfill the requirements of a clinic or a directed study project, or to otherwise obtain academic credit.
  4. Supervision/Training: You must be trained and supervised by an attorney, law school faculty or staff member, or other licensed professional.
  5. Eligible Clients: Your pro bono work must serve:
    1. People of limited financial means, or 
    2. Charitable or not-for-profit organization in matter which are designed primarily to address the needs of persons of limited financial means. 

Examples of qualifying pro bono projects:

  • Volunteering with a not-for-profit legal services organization; or
  • Working on pro bono or public defender cases at a private firm.

    Students wishing to perform pro bono projects that do not conform to the requirements need to schedule a meeting with Pro Bono Program staff to discuss their project proposal.

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    Please read the instructions on the Student Proposal Form CAREFULLY
      You are responsible for adhering to these directions. 


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