Media & Film for Melissa Scanlan

URL iconLecture on Marginalized Monitoring: Adaptively Managing Urban Stormwater

The week of February 11, 2013, Prof. Scanlan was a Virtual Guest Lecturer at Mercer Law School.

URL iconImplementing the Public Trust Doctrine: A Lakeside View into the Trustees' World

On March 20, 2013, Prof. Scanlan gave an invited talk on the public trust doctrine to the Center for Limnology's Seminar.

URL iconNatural Resources Magazine Oct. 2012 - Common Highways and Forever Free

Prof. Scanlan explains the significance of Wisconsin Supreme Court's Diana Shooting Club v. Husting.

URL iconTransforming Neighborhoods with Community Gardens

URL icon7-26-12 Interview on WUWM about the public trust doctrine's applicability to Milwaukee Transit Center redevelopment

URL iconCrossing the Line

A documentary film featuring contemporary environmental champions.

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