Jeffrey Aiken

Adjunct Professor

Aiken, Jeffrey


      As a lawyer, Jeff has 38+ years of experience in real estate development, mortgage financing, contract preparation and dispute resolution processes (i.e. litigation, arbitration and mediation), focusing on matters such as M&A disputes, single-family, multi-family, condominium and subdivision development, commercial and industrial facilities (atomic power, ethanol, frac sand and anaerobic wastewater treatment plants, shopping centers, Denver airport and office buildings) as well as surety bond claims and information technology systems.
      During this time, he has served as a mediator, arbitrator or party representative in resolution of an $8 million condominium construction defect claim involving complex insurance coverage issues over sequential policy periods, a $3.2 million settlement of construction extras claims against the Army Corps of Engineers, a $10 million breach of fiduciary duty and associated dissolution claim of multiple privately owned entities, a $5 million failed information technology claim, and a $25+ million industrial plant construction defect claim. His litigation experience has included the successful representation of an international design firm in defense and
resolution of over a $100+ million claim (including E&O and CGL project policy coverage issues) related to Wisconsin's largest construction dispute involving a structural facility. The majority of Jeff's current practice is in the fields of arbitration and mediation of complex commercial disputes (employing a computerized model to
assist in assessing party positions to overcome some of the inherent psychological and other difficulties in achieving compromise).
Jeff continues his 29+ year service as a director of for-profit companies, having achieved Professional Director certification from the Corporate Directors Group, a public company director education and credentialing organization, as well as being a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors.
      In 2006, Jeff was chosen as one of Wisconsin's Top 50 lawyers by Wisconsin Super Lawyers Magazine, in addition to one of the state's Top 10 Construction Lawyers by the Daily Reporter. Since then, he has continuously been recognized as one of the state's Super Lawyers by that publication.

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