Kelly Douglas

Development and Communication Officer (CPP)

Douglas, Kelly

Telephone: 608-890-0865
Office: Room 4311C, Law School


Kelly is the Center's first Development Director, a role dedicated to raising funds to support and advance the ground-breaking work at the Center. A dual aspect of her position is communicating the purpose and advancements of the Center and the patient advocacy field to our supporters and stakeholders.

With a background in non-profit management, including fundraising and business development, Kelly brings the experience and energy needed to help propel our mission forward. The path to the Center has been carved out not only through her experience with an advocacy based, empowerment focused agency and a welcome reconnection to the university where she received her undergrad degree, but also through her own personal struggle with a diagnosis of malignant melanoma at the age of 20. While this path took various curves and detours, Kelly is thankful that these various elements of her experience lead her to the Center.

Kelly received her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a certificate in Women's Studies. Supporting women's health and well being has been a central focus of her work, as well as creating access for under-served populations to necessary resources. Kelly also volunteers on the Fundraising Committee for Hillside Health Care International, a small clinic that provides essential medical care, disease prevention, community outreach and health education to the people of Southern Belize, as well as offering global health education for medical students.

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