Selected Publications for Shubha Ghosh

URL iconShort-Circuiting Contract Law: The Federal Circuit's Contract Jurisprudence and Intellectual Property Federalism

URL iconThe Implementation of Exhaustion Policies: Lessons from National Experiences

pdf icon Informing and Reforming the Marketplace of Ideas

Author: Shubha Ghosh

2012 article on First Amendment and the commercialization of data and information. The Supreme Court's 2011 decision in IMS v Sorrell, striking down Vermont's law prohibiting use of pharmacy data for targetting solicitations to physicians.

pdf icon A Roadmap for TRIPS: Copyright and Film in Colonial and Independent India

2011 Queen Mary's University Journal of Intellectual Property article on copyright law in India.

pdf icon Culture and Intellectual Property Law

Author: Shubha Ghosh

Symposium article on culture and intellectual property law

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