Workshop Proposal Submission Form

Law Enforcement agencies, community coalitions, public health departments and civic groups are invited to submit workshop proposals for the 2016 Alcohol Policy Seminar. Workshops will be approximately 60 minutes in length. Topics must address some aspect of alcohol policy or alcohol-related law enforcement.

PowerPoint presentations are encouraged although not required. Panels should be limited to three participants.

A successful proposal will outline the specific topic area, provide background on local implementation, include lessons learned from implementation or continuing operation, and offer suggestions for other communities following the outline below.

Special consideration will be given to proposals representing multi-disciplinary groups or multi-jurisdictional law enforcement groups.  

Registration fees will be waived for all presenters and panelists. All selected workshop presenters will be asked to complete a conflict of information disclosure statement prior to the Seminar.

To submit a proposal, please provide the information requested below. Proposals must be submitted ONLINE only using the website submittal form no later than Friday, May 20.


Level I sessions do not require any specialized knowledge or background.

Level II sessions contain material that may require a general understanding of the principles of law enforcement, public health or alcohol policy to receive the full benefit of the session.

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