WILJ Annual Symposium, March 13, 2015

International Law Walks the Line: Border Disputes and
Resolution for the 21st Century

Room 2260, UW Law School


8:30            Breakfast and Registration

9:00            Welcome
                  Aaron McKean and Lawrence Drewry
                  WILJ Symposium editors, UW Law School

9:05            Welcome Remarks by Dean Margaret Raymond
                  Fred W. & Vi Miller Dean and Professor of Law, UW Law School

9:10            Introduction of Keynote Speaker by Sumudu Atapattu
                  Director, Research Centers, UW Law School

9:15-10:00   Keynote Address

                  “International Boundary Disputes in the 21st Century: Victims, Villains, and Third States’
                  Lea Brilmayer
                  Yale Law School

10:00-12:00  Panel 1: Legacies of Colonialism and the Law of Borders

                  Chair/commentator: Mitra Sharafi, UW Law School


                  “Taking the Measure of Nations: Testing Global Territorial Integrity
                       Timothy Waters
                               Indiana University Maurer School of Law

  "Kosovo, Crimea, and a Changing World Order Demonstrate the Need for an International
                   Norm of Uti Possidetis
                   Justin Evison
                   Eighth US Army

                   "Wanted Dead and Alive: Constitutionalism, Human Rights and the Colonial Exception"
                   Tayyab Mahmud
                   Seattle University School of Law 
12:00-1:30    Lunch (served in Lubar Commons, 7200 Law)
                   Sponsored by WI Experience

                   "Lands in Limbo"
                   Narayan Mahon

1:30-3:15   Panel 2: Boundaries, Adjudication and Peace

                  Chair/commentator: Alexandra Huneeus, UW Law School


                  “Refereeing Boundaries: A Critical Assessment of the ICJ as an Arbiter in Boundary Disputes”
                  Joshua Castellino
                  Middlesex University London, U.K.

                  “The role of US Private Actors in ‘Defending’ the Border”
                  James Cooper
                  California Western School of Law

3:15-3:30    Break

3:30- 5:00   Panel 3: International Borders and the Future

                  Chair/commentator: John Ohnesorge, UW Law School


                  "Human Considerations in Adjudicating border Disputes"
                  Mamadou Hebie
                  University of Geneva Law School, Switzerland

                  Topic tba
                  Nathan Kirschner
                  US Department of Veteran Affairs

6:00pm        Dinner for speakers and invited guests


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