Contact Information

General Address and Contact Information:
The University of Wisconsin Law School
975 Bascom Mall
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-262-2240
Fax: 608-262-5485

Karen Koethe
Director of Communications

Press Contacts for Law School News:
Jini Jasti
Associate Dean for Alumni Relations & External Affairs

Tammy Kempfert

Directions to the Law School, Parking, and Campus Map

Department Phone E-mail Room Number
Academic Enhancement 6210 Staff List
Admissions and Financial 4314 Staff List
Affiliate Faculty Staff List
Alumni Relations608-262-5918 Staff List
Business Office (Payroll/HR)608-262-2240 5110 Staff List
Center for Patient Partnerships (CPP) 4311 Staff List
Continuing Legal Education and Outreach (CLEW) 2348 Staff List
Copy Shop/ Duplication608-262-0668 2115
Dean's 5211 Staff List
Deans & Directors Staff List
Margaret Raymond 608-265-3750 5211A
Carrie Sperling 608-262-3646 5211C
Associate Dean for Experiential Learning and Education Innovation; Interim Director of Frank J. Remington Center
Susannah Camic Tahk 608-890-3750 5211B
Associate Dean for Research & Faculty Development, Director of Institute for Legal Studies
Jini Jasti 608-263-7906 2346
Associate Dean for Alumni Relations/External Affairs, Director of CLEW
Michael Keller 608-890-4651 3221J
Assistant Dean for Career Services
Kevin Kelly 608-262-4041 5105
Associate Dean for Student and Academic Affairs
Emily D. Kite 608-890-0115 5101
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Moji Olaniyan 608-263-2100 6214
Assistant Dean for Academic Enhancement Program
Bethany A. Pluymers 265-7981 / 262-2240 5111
Associate Dean for Administration
Rebecca Scheller 608-262-1815 4314C
Assistant Dean for Admissions & Financial Aid
Bonnie Shucha 608-265-5513 6358
Associate Dean for Library & Information Services and Director of the Law Library
Sumudu Atapattu 608-890-1395 6218
Director of Research Centers
Martha (Meg) Gaines 608-890-4467 CPP
Director of Center for Patient Partnerships
Eric Giefer 608-262-3207 6376
Director of Law School Technology
Heinz Klug 608-262-7370 8109
Professor & Director of Global Legal Studies
Karen Koethe 608-890-2611 2336
Director of Communications
Marsha Mansfield 608-262-9142 1346
Director of Economic Justice Institute
Erin McBride 608-890-4934 3353
Director of the Government Clinic
Richard Monette 608-263-7409 7103
Professor & Director of Great Lakes Indian Law Center
John K.M. Ohnesorge 608-263-7603 9112
Director for East Asian Legal Studies
Eric Salisbury 608-308-5333 UW Foundation
Development Director
Anne Smith @1403 Building
Director of Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic
Gretchen Viney 608-262-8048 5228
Director of Lawyering Skills Program
Ursula Weigold 608-262-8563 4373B
Director of Legal Research and Writing; Clinical Associate Professor of Law 6226 Staff List
Economic Justice Institute (EJI) 1348 Staff List
Emeritus Faculty Staff List
External Affairs Staff List
Faculty Staff List
Fellows and Visiting Scholars608-262-8500 6210 Staff List
Financial 4314A Staff List
Frank J. Remington Center 608-262-1002 4318 Staff List
Global Legal Studies Center (GLS)608-890-1395 6218 Staff List
Graduate 3222 Staff List
Great Lakes Indigenous Law Center (GLILC) 6112 Staff List 5110 Staff List
Institute for Legal Studies (ILS) 6228 Staff List
Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Staff List
Law Library608-262-1128 975 Bascom Mall, Madison, WI 53706 Staff List
Lawyering Skills 5226 Staff List
Legal Research & Writing (LRW)608-263-6327 4373 Staff List
Main Administrative Office608-262-2240 5110 Staff List
Notaries Staff List
Office of Career and Professional Development608-262-7856 3221 Staff List 5107 Staff List
Research Centers Staff List
Student Organizations
Student, Academic & Curricular Affairs Administrative Center - 5th Floor Staff List
Tech 2115 Staff List
Tenure Track Professor Staff List
Tenured Professors Staff List
Website Communications Staff List
Wisconsin Innocence Project608-262-1002 4318