The Law School permits students with an interest in corporate and business law to obtain academic credit (one to seven credits) for work at in-house legal departments.  These externships can provide a student with invaluable experience and an opportunity to see first-hand the type of legal work companies keep "in house" and what sort of legal work is typically handled by the company's outside counsel.  Students interested in obtaining such an externship should contact Externship Director Erin McBride at for more information.  Set forth below is a list of several Madison-area companies that have hosted law student externs in the past few years and are seeking externs for future semesters.

North Central Group

[Note:  North Central will not be hosting an extern in the fall of 2019; so the next opportunity available at this company will be in the spring of 2020.]
The General Counsel's office of North Central Group, which owns, operates and develops hotels, has an office in Middleton and is willing to host a law student who has completed Business Organizations I and Real Estate Transactions I. Interested students should send a resume, letter of interest and unofficial transcript to Catherine M Gillman, Vice President and General Counsel, at as soon as possible. If you are offered this externship opportunity, please contact Externship Director Erin McBride at, so that she can give you permission to enroll in the Corporate Legal Department Externship course. 

Cardiac Science Corporation

Cardiac Science Corporation, which is located in Deerfield, Wisconsin, about 30 minutes east of Madison, would like to host a law student extern for 5 to 10 hours a week during the fall 2019 semester.  The law student's immediate supervisor is the only attorney on the staff, and so the student would perform work in support of a wide variety of practice areas.  Work would involve extensive contract view (consulting agreements, service contracts); research and analysis of regulatory framework that governs the products manufactured and sold (automated external defibrillators); research regarding human resources issues including covenants-not-to-compete and trade secrets protection; and research and analysis of international law governing company subsidiaries in Canada, France, the U.K., Italy and Germany.  Students would gain exposure to all these areas and unique issues facing in-house corporate counsel.  The extern would be part of a close-knit finance team and gain extensive exposure to general business practices for a multi-million dollar international corporation.  The company is committed to providing mentorship opportunities and frequent and detailed feedback to students.  

To be considered for this externship, submit a resume and cover letter detailing your interest to Kari H. Race, Manager, Legal Affairs and Contracts, at  Contact Externship Director Erin McBride at if you are offered this externship so that she can give you permission to enroll in the Corporate Legal Department externship course.

WPS Health Solutions

WPS Health Solutions is accepting applications from 2Ls and 3Ls for a fall 2019 externship for credit. The company is flexible but would prefer a student who could work at least 16 hours a week for at least ten weeks. We have a high volume of work opportunities, so the credit-level would only be limited by student availability. 

WPS's legal department consists of three areas – Corporate Attorneys (eight full-time attorneys), Privacy Office (Privacy Officer and Sr. Privacy Specialist), Regulatory Services (three Sr. Regulatory Specialists), and two Legal Compliance Specialists. The legal extern will have the opportunity to work with each of the different areas, depending on workload. He/she will be reporting directly to the Vice President and General Counsel and can expect to interact with the attorneys on a daily basis. 

It is anticipated that the legal extern will have the opportunity to: 

Review/analyze legal issues and questions submitted by internal departments on topics ranging from contract negotiation and drafting, labor relations/NLRB compliance, employment/HR issues, insurance regulation, government contracting, record retention, compliance with state/federal laws and regulations including the Affordable Care Act, privacy/HIPAA concerns, garnishment and tax levy responses; assist in preparing responses to demand letters, small claims lawsuits, administrative complaints; complete first round of review/revisions to corporate contracts; attend grievance/appeal hearings along with one of the attorneys who serve as legal advisors to the grievance/appeal committee and research any legal issues that arise.

Founded in Madison in 1946, WPS Health Solutions is the parent company of WPS Insurance Corporation, a not-for-profit health insurer, Arise Health Plan, a Wisconsin HMO, and Epic Specialty Benefits, a life/dental/vision benefits company.  WPS Health Solutions also serves as a contractor for the federal government through its Government Health Administrators division, which administers Medicare, and its Military and Veterans Health Division, which administers TRICARE and VA benefits.

Interested students should submit a letter of interest and resume via email to Attorney Beth Shore, by Monday, August 5, 2019.  If you are offered and decide to accept this externship opportunity, contact Externship Director Erin McBride at to make arrangements to enroll in the Corporate Legal Department Externship course for the fall 2019 term.

TDS Telecommunications Corporation

TDS would like to receive applications from students who can work at minimum of 12 hours per week in an externship during the fall 2019 term.  If you are interested, send a resume, transcript and writing sample by August 5, 2019, to Erin Keesecker, Lead Corporate Counsel, Legal Department, at

UW Hospital & Clinics Authority Office of General Counsel

The UW Hospital & Clinics Authority's Office of General Counsel is willing to host one or two law student externs each semester. They would like students to be able to work at least 8 hours a week, preferably one full day a week rather than in small increments.  There are a dozen lawyers in the Office of General Counsel who handle a wide variety of legal matters, so a law student can gain exposure to many practice areas in addition to health law. If you are interested in being considered for an externship at UW Health, send a resume, brief letter of interest and a writing sample as soon as possible to Mary Link, Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, Legal Operations, Risk and Regulatory, at

QBE North America

The in-house legal department of QBE North America would like to host up to two law student externs each semester.  The externs would experience work from a variety of areas, including insurance regulatory research, contract review, and corporate records research. The legal department handles corporate legal work, insurance regulatory work, employment, compliance, and litigation. The externs would not only get a wide variety of assignments, but also have the opportunity to watch/shadow the workings of the legal department, to interact with all members of the department on a fairly regular basis, and to learn about the corporate world and the insurance business. To apply, please send a resume, a short statement of your interest and your availability to work, and an unofficial transcript to Jennifer J. Vernon, QBE, One General Drive, Sun Prairie, WI 53596 as soon as possible. Interviews of applicants will be conducted.

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