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Course Schedule - Spring 2014

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The Law School's Department Code is 528.

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Course Number Section Number Course Title Call Number Instructor Days Times Location Min-Max Credits 60/90 Rule 64 Rule Years Notes
Lg.Studies444Legal Studies: Law In Action (Undergraduates)MWF1205-12552211UndergraLegal Studies 444 students only. Discussion sections meet Fridays at 850 (Rm 3247), 1205 (Rm 2211), and 225 (Rm 3247).
852006Trial Advocacy (Mock Trial: BLSA)Wos, E.2-3*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor
854018Clinical Program: Law Externship28601Heymann, J.1-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor.
854001Clinical Program: Mediation Clinic28626Erez-Navot, D.M825-102532681-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor. LW
950001Lawyering Skills Course28425Viney, G.
Cagle, R.
MTWRF110-40032508-8*L2-L3PF only; limit 64 students.
862001Legal Assistance to Institutionalized Persons (LAIP)28415Prosser, M.1-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor. LW
854019Clinical Program: Law & Entrepreneurship28596Englund, E.
Smith, A.
Burkes, R.
M110-310WI Institutes for Discovery1-7*L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instructor; LW
854013Clinical Program: Family Law Project (FLP)28592Shear, L.1-7*L2-L3PF only; Req. consent of instructor
854014Clinical Program: Prosecution Project28474Kempinen, B.1-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor.
854015Clinical Program: Midwestern Environmental Advocates Externship28527Christenson, A.1-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor
854016Clinical Program: Criminal Appeals Project28529Pray, J.MWF1055-115032261-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor.
854017Clinical Program: Government & Legislative Clinic (GLC)28549McBride, E.F1050-115032471-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor
852004Trial Advocacy28410Kempinen, B.F110-31032602-2*L2-L3PF only; consent required; Prosecution Project students only; meets after Spring Break.
852005Trial Advocacy28552LaVigne, M.R500-70032602-2*L2-L3PF only; consent required; Defense Project students only.
854002Clinical Program: Disability Rights Wisconsin28411Kerschensteiner, K.1-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor.
854003Clinical Program: Consumer Law Clinic28412Orr, S.R900-110032611-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor. LW
854004Clinical Program: Defense Project28432LaVigne, M.1-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor.
854005Clinical Program: Department of Justice28413Sullivan, F.R830-1030WI DOJ1-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor.
854006Clinical Program: Family Court Clinic28414Mansfield, M.W240-40032471-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor. LW
854007Clinical Program: Domestic Violence28627Meuer, T.1-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor; pre-req: L&CP Domestic Violence.
854008Clinical Program: Innocence Project28517Lichstein, B.W900-102032501-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor. LW
854012Clinical Program: Neighborhood Law Clinic (NLC)28446Mitch, .W950-115032611-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor. LW
854011Clinical Program: Restorative Justice Project28582Scharrer, J.1-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor.
854010Clinical Program: Labor Law Clinical28498Clauss, C.1-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor.
854009Clinical Program: Judicial Internship28434Schultz, D.
Cagle, R.
R800-90052401-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor; section meets at Law School periodically during the spring semester. Attendance at three or more sessions is required.
852003Trial Advocacy (Mock Trial competition)Berz, E.
Lanford, R.
W540-74032502-3*L2-L3PF only; meeting times TBD; Trial Advocacy for Mock Trial Team; consent of instructor; pre req: Evidence;
852001Trial Advocacy28408Erlandson, A.M540-74032602-2*L2-L3PF only; limit 16 students; Evidence required (or concurrent)
850002Professional Responsibilities28407Schweitzer, N.TR110-20522252-2*L2-L3PF; meets Prof. Respon. Req. Exam: May 10
850001Professional Responsibilities28406Mansfield, M.MW1055-115052292-2*L2-L3PF; meets Prof. Respon. Req. Exam: May 12
768001Clinical Program: Health Advocacy & Patient-Centered Care28588Gaines, M.
Davis, S.
O'Connell, K.
W435-60032531-7*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor.
852002Trial Advocacy28608Farnsworth, E.T540-74032602-2*L2-L3PF only; limit 16 students; Evidence required
854020Clinical Program: Oxford Federal Project28590Stevenson, A.1-7*L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instructor; LW
854021Clinical Program: Immigrant Justice Clinic28650Taeuber, S.W330-63052461-7*L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instructor; LW
854022Clinical Program: Re-Entry Project28657Wos, E.1-7*L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instructor.
854023Clinical Program: Federal Appeals Project28659Stevenson, A.1-7*L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instructor; LW
950003Lawyering Skills Course: Public Speaking for Lawyers28589Plum, C.F950-115032501-1*L2-L3PF only; limit 16 students; meets first eight weeks of semester only.
852007Trial Advocacy (Mock Trial: Phi Alpha Delta)35995Williams, S.2-3*L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor
950004Lawyering Skills Course: Public Speaking for Lawyers (LLM-LI)28576Plum, C.F225-42552231-1*L4LLM-LI section only; PF only; limit 16 students; meets first eight weeks of semester only.
870001International Tax28602Misey, R.W500-740Grainger 21703-360L2-L3Tax I required; meets with Accounting 725; exam on last day of class.
765001Equal Employment Law (Employment Discrimination)28652Clauss, C.TR110-23052403-460L2-L3PF Exam: May 10
815007Appellate Advocacy (other moot court: IPSO)28660Ghosh, S.1-360L2-L3Requires consent of instructor.
771003Marital Property35781Collins, S.T330-53022601-160L2-L3PF; Pre-req: T&E I; course meets starting March 11th. Exam: May 8
905001Bioethics & the Law35834Charo, R.W110-31052462-260L2-L3No PF; meets Con Law II and Legal Process Reqs.; LW Paper/project
802002Civil Procedure II28624Greene, L.MW410-53052403-360L1/ L2-L3PF for 2Ls/3Ls only; limit: 60 2Ls/3Ls; meets Juris. Cts. Req. Exam: May 7
735001Payments ("Horror Stories and Mysteries That Lurk Behind Every Payment You Make")28569Cohen, A.TR110-23032603-360L2-L3PF; Exam: May 10
845001Water Rights Law28625Monette, R.MW410-53022253-360L2-L3PF; Paper
740001Constitutional Law II28394Schwartz, D.TR410-53052403-360L2-L3PF; Con Law I required; satisfies Con Law II Req. Take-home Exam
940007Housing & Community Economic Development28550Alexander, L.M110-31052462-360L2-L3No PF; limit: 20 students; meets Legal Process requirement. LW Paper
ELPA841Legal Aspects of Higher Education13465TBA, .M715-945 pmEduc. Bldg. 1513-360L2-L3Ed. Leadership 841; non-Law School grading; credits count as law credits; interested Law students can enroll directly.
953001SP Business Orgs: Transactional IP28604Ghosh, S.MW950-115052233-360L2-L3PF; Bus. Orgs I plus an IP course recommended. LW Paper
950002Lawyering Skills: Guardian ad Litem Practice in Wisconsin28475Viney, G.TR410-53522251-160L2-L3PF only; short course: nine sessions starting after Spring Break; Required: Family Law I or II, or Elder Law, or Family Law Project, or Family Court Clinic (concurrent okay) or consent of instructor. Project/presentation
940013Mental Health Law28591Van Rybroek, G.M540-74052232-260L2-L3PF; limit 25 students. Take-home Exam.
940005Construction Law28422Aiken, J.R110-31052462-260L2-L3No PF Exam: May 10
940011Defense Function28436LaVigne, M.MW110-31022253-360L2-L3No PF; requires consent of instructor.
940012Prosecution Function28551Kempinen, B.MW110-31032603-360L2-L3PF; requires consent of instructor. Project/presentation
940004Fundamentals of Business Transactions II28421Heymann, S.MW110-23032263-360L2-L3No PF; pre-req: Fund. Bus. Trans. I.
940006Worker's Compensation Law28423Aplin, R.
Neal, J.
W500-70022112-260L2-L3PF; limit: 14 students Project/presentation
915001SP Crim. J. Admin: Federal Criminal Appeals28453Stevenson, A.2-260L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instructor; limited to clinical participants. Meeting time TBD based on participant schedules. Project/presentation
918001SP International Law: International Environmental Law28518Atapattu, S.R950-115032683-360L2-L3PF; limit: 20 students; International Law recommended. Paper
918002SP International Law: Vis Competition28611Yackee, J.2-360L2-L3PF only; competition team members.
928001SP Land Law: Real Estate Process28586Johnson, M.MW400-515Grainger 35603-360L2-L3PF; required for Real Estate Concentration; meets with Real Estate 706; limit: 15 Law students. Exam at the May 5th class.
904001SP Con Law: Supreme Court Seminar28419Church, L.W540-74052233-360L2-L3PF; Con Law I recommended; meets Con Law II Req; limit: 34 students LW Paper
860001Adv. Criminal Procedure: Rep. Criminal Appellant28501Pray, J.MWF1055-115032263-360L2-L3PF only; requires consent of instructor; LW Project/presentation
849001Pre-Trial Advocacy28573Edwards, T.
Furlow, J.
W540-74032603-360L2-L3PF only; Limit: 24 students.
840001Taxation II28405Schnur, R.TR240-40032603-360L2-L3PF; pre-req: Tax I; meets Real Estate Law Concentration req. Exam: May 8
838001Real Estate Transactions II28547Ishikawa, J.TR1030-115032263-360L2-L3PF; pre-req: Real Estate Trans. I (Note: Tax I is NOT a pre-req, despite the notice appearing in the Student Center.) Exam: May 5
815005Appellate Advocacy (Pace Competition)28593Monette, R.1-360L2PF only; consent of instructor; environmental moot court at Pace Univ.
817001Business Organizations I28403Davis, K.MW1030-115052403-360L1/L2-L3PF for 2Ls/3Ls only; limit: 50 2Ls/3Ls. Exam: May 11
815002Appellate Advocacy (moot board & coaches)284011-360L2-L3Requires consent of instructor.
815003Appellate Advocacy (other moot court)1-360L2-L3Requires consent of instructor.
815004Appellate Advocacy (moot court-Heffernan)28402Clauss, C.W950-115052461-160L2PF only; 2Ls only; limit: 20 students not already on the Moot Court Board.
828001International Business Transactions28499Yackee, J.MW900-102022113-360L2-L3PF; meets Legal Process Req. Take-home exam
827001International Law28525Huneeus, A.MW1030-115032503-360L1/L2-L3PF for 2Ls/3Ls; no PF for 1Ls;; meets Legal Process Req.; limit: 70 2Ls/3Ls Exam: May 12
823001Family Law II28404Brito, T.MW1030-115032533-360L2-L3PF; Exam: May 12
773001Law and the Elderly28548Annen, J.W330-53032262-260L2-L3No PF; T&E I required (can be concurrent) Exam: May 15
940002Evidence I28440Schwartz, D.MW330-53022602-260L2-L3PF; meets Evidence Req.; meets first half of term only. Take-home Exam: mid-March
802001Civil Procedure II28398Weston, C.TR1030-115052403-360L1/ L2-L3PF for 2Ls/3Ls only; limit: 60 2Ls/3Ls; meets Juris. Cts. Req. Exam: May 7
808001Advanced Legal Writing: Contract Drafting28399Turner, A.T540-74032472-260L2-L3No PF; Limit: 15 students; LW Papers
815001Appellate Advocacy (moot court competitors)284001-360L2-L3Requires consent of instructor.
940010From Patient to Policy: Models of System Level Advocacy 28605Davis, S.
Grob, R.
T435-600On-line course2-260L2-L3PF; requires consent of instructor. Priority for students enrolled in the Consumer Health Advocacy Certificate. Project/presentation
749001Trademarks28571Frenchick, G.T435-63532532-360L2-L3PF; Papers
751001Patent Law28445Ossorio, P.TR950-115032504-460L2-L3PF; Intro. to I.P., Admin Law recommended. Take-home exam
741001Business Organizations II28395Davis, K.TR1030-115032603-360L2-L3PF; Bus. Orgs. I recommended. Exam: May 5
742002Taxation I28600Schnur, R.TR950-115022114-460L2-L3PF; Exam: May 5
743001Negotiation/Mediation28396Heymann, S.TR410-53022113-360L2-L3No PF; limit 16 students.
743002Negotiation/Mediation28519Frankel, M.
Phillips, M.
R540-74052292-260L2-L3No PF; limit 16 students.
744001Administrative Law28454Ohnesorge, J.MW110-23022603-360L2-L3PF; meets Legal Process requirement; Exam: May 4
771001Trusts & Estates I28643Erlanger, H.TR330-53022602-260L2-L3PF; limit: 100 students; meets Wills/Estates Req. Meets through March 6th only. Note: Final Exam will be Sunday, March 9th.
736001Secured Transactions28393Cohen, A.TR1030-115022253-360L2-L3PF; Exam: May 5
821001Bankruptcy28623McDermott, M.MW900-102052293-360L2-L3PF; Exam: May 3
731003Constitutional Law I28568Quraishi-Landes, A.MW1030-115032603-360L1/ L2-L3PF for 2Ls/3Ls; no PF for 1Ls; meets Con Law I Req. Take-home exam.
731002Constitutional Law I28392Coan, A.TR240-40052293-360L1/ L2-L3PF for 2Ls/3Ls; no PF for 1Ls; meets Con Law I Req. Exam: May 9
725002Introduction to Criminal Procedure28389Findley, K.MW240-40052293-360L1/ L2-L3No PF; meets Crim. Pro. Req. Exam: May 13
725003Introduction to Criminal Procedure28390Kempinen, B.TR410-53052293-360L1/ L2-L3No PF; meets Crim. Pro. Req. Exam: May 13
731001Constitutional Law I28391Althouse, A.MW240-40052233-360L1/ L2-L3No PF; meets Con Law I Req. Exam: May 9
724001Property28385Church, L.MTWRF110-20552294-460L1No PF; meets Property Req. Exam: May 3
724002Property28386Mitchell, T.MTWRF110-20522114-460L1No PF; meets Property Req. Exam: May 3
724003Property28387Klug, H.MTWRF435-53032504-460L1No PF; meets Property Req. Exam: May 3
725001Introduction to Criminal Procedure28388Lichstein, B.TR1030-115052293-360L1/ L2-L3No PF; meets Crim. Pro. Req. Exam: May 13
817002Business Organizations I28645Alexander, L.TR240-40052403-460L1/L2-L3PF for 2Ls/3Ls only; limit: 50 2Ls/3Ls. 1Ls may only enroll for 3-credits. Exam: May 11
904002SP Con Law: Institutions in Constitutional Theory & Practice28646Coan, A.R950-115022603-360L2-L3No PF; limit: 12 students; Con Law I required; Con Law II recommended; meets Con Law II Req. LW Paper
731004Constitutional Law I28642Weston, C.TR110-23052233-360L1/ L2-L3No PF; meets Con Law I Req. Exam: May 9
815006Appellate Advocacy (other moot court: BLSA)1-360L2PF only; consent of instructor;
808004Advanced Legal Writing: Writing for Law Practice35838Weigold, U.R110-31022602-260L2-L3No PF; Limit: 15 students; LW Papers
815008Appellate Advocacy (other moot court: LLSA)1-360L2-L3Requires consent of instructor.
815009Appellate Advocacy (other moot court: ILSA)28670Monette, R.1-360L2-L3Requires consent of instructor.
715001Torts35759Sidel, M.MTWRF755-85052294-460L1No PF; meets Torts Req. Exam: May 15
715002Torts35777Sidel, M.MTWRF925-102032534-460L1No PF; meets Torts Req. Exam: May 15
715003Torts35778Charo, R.MTWRF925-102032604-460L1No PF; meets Torts Req. Exam: May 15
715004Torts35780Barkan, S.MTWRF925-102022254-460L1No PF; meets Torts Req. Exam: May 15
771002Estate & Gift Tax28644Erlanger, H.R330-53022601-160L2-L3PF; Pre-req: T&E I; course meets starting March 13th. Exam: May 14
824001Federal Jurisdiction35782Althouse, A.TR410-53052233-360L2-L3PF; meets Jurisdiction of Courts Req. Exam: May 14
820001Conflict of Laws35839Monette, R.MW1030-115022253-360L2-L3PF; meets Jurisdiction of Courts Req. Exam: May 12
939001SP Family Law: Adoption Law & Policy35798Brito, T.M330-53032472-260L2-L3PF; Exam: May 6
940001Legislation & Regulation28420Desai, A.MW240-40022113-360L1No PF; 1Ls only; meets Legal Process Req. 8-hour Take-Home Exam: May 5
940003Evidence for Litigators (Evidence II)28435Schwartz, D.MW330-53022602-260L2-L3No PF; pre-req: 2-credit Evidence I; meets second half of term only.
808002Advanced Legal Writing: Contract Drafting28654Page, P.W540-74032472-260L2-L3No PF; Limit: 15 students; LW Papers
808003Advanced Legal Writing: Drafting & Working with Statutes35797Kreye, J.M540-74032472-260L2-L3No PF; Limit: 15 students; LW Papers
940009Humanitarian Immigration Law28441Barbato, E.W330-63052463-360L2-L3PF only; req. consent of instructor. Students must concurrently enroll in 1 credit of Immigrant Justice Clinic.
904003SP Con Law: Politics & Equality28647Greene, L.T950-115022603-360L2-L3No PF; limit: 30 students; Con Law I required; meets Con Law II Req. LW Paper
745001Labor Relations II35923Davis, P.
Houlihan, W.
Mandelman, B.
TR540-70022253-360L2-L3PF; Labor Relations I required.
940014Business Methods for Lawyers28594Harvey, C.MW410-50552232-260L2-L3PF; limit 25 students. Exercises/assessments
991001Directed Reading1-390L2-L3requires consent of instructor
990001Directed Research1-1290L2-L3requires consent of instructor
899001Wisconsin Law Review28418Desai, A.1-390L2-L3Admission to Journal LW
896001WI Journal of Law, Gender & Society28417Quraishi-Landes, A.1-390L2-L3Admission to Journal LW
895001WI International Law Journal28416Klug, H.1-390L2-L3Admission to Journal LW
872001Legal Issues: North America & East Asia28502Irish, C.W730-93032612-290L2-L3; L4-L5Evening class; no PF; limit: 6 JD students; course meets for the last seven weeks of term. LW Paper; project
723005Legal Research & Writing II28377Peterson, K.TR1030-115032473-390L1No PF; limit: 18 students.
723006Legal Research & Writing II28378Moritz, D.TR240-40032473-390L1No PF; limit: 18 students.
723007Legal Research & Writing II28379Baumgartner, M.TR240-40052233-390L1No PF; limit: 18 students.
723008Legal Research & Writing II28380Peterson, K.TR240-40022253-390L1No PF; limit: 18 students.
723009Legal Research & Writing II28381Tinglum, T.MW110-23032473-390L1No PF; limit: 18 students.
723001Legal Research & Writing II28373Dowdal, M.MW900-102032473-390L1No PF; limit: 18 students.
723002Legal Research & Writing II28374Dowdal, M.TR900-102032473-390L1No PF; limit: 18 students.
723003Legal Research & Writing II28375Moritz, D.TR1030-115052233-390L1No PF; limit: 18 students.
723004Legal Research & Writing II28376Tinglum, T.MW1030-115032473-390L1No PF; limit: 18 students.
723010Legal Research & Writing II28382Baumgartner, M.TR540-70052233-390L1No PF; limit: 18 students.
940008Law & Development: Emerging Economies28424Ohnesorge, J.T110-31022602-390L2-L3No PF; limit: 20 students; LW Paper/project
641306Sociology of Law (Law student section)35567Conti, J.TR1100-1215Soc. Sci. 51063-390L2-L3Limit: 10 Law students; cross listed with Sociology 641; meets Legal Process Req. Law students enroll in Discussion section 306. 3Ls: note exam is scheduled for Law School commencement date. Exam: May 16
602001Legal Sources28575Chang, N.TR1030-115052463-3n/aL4-L5LLM-LI students only. Exam: May 5
601001Intro to American Law28574Bowen, J.
Jones, D.
F850-115052233-3n/aL4-L5No PF; LLM-LI/LLM/SJD students only. Exam: May 7
850003Professional Responsibilities28546Schweitzer, N.TR215-31022112-2n/aL4-L5Section strictly limited to LLM-LIs only. Exam: May 10