Activities & Traditions

The Dean's Cup

The University of Wisconsin Dean's Cup is an annual competition between the students of the University of Wisconsin Medical School and Law School. Dean's Cup events include everything from basketball, golf and ultimate frisbee to euchre, chess and trivia. The competition fosters camaraderie between the two schools, and importantly, provides an opportunity for students to join together in giving back. The schools compete in a food drive supporting the Salvation Army, a blood drive through the American Red Cross, and T-shirt sales, proceeds from which are donated to a different local charity each year.

Cane Toss

Each Homecoming, tens of thousands of Badger football fans watch in mystified amusement as a herd of third year law students rush across the football field wearing bowler hats and carrying canes. The mystery deepens when the group reaches the north goalposts and the canes are thrown into the air. Some of the fans may have heard an announcement that the students are Law School seniors and that tradition holds that, if they catch their canes, they will win their first cases. But even those fans have little or no idea of the origin of this somewhat unusual tradition.  Learn the history of our cane toss tradition.

LEO Banquet

Each year our current students, faculty and alumni from across the country gather for the LEO Banquet as we celebrate our successes and reaffirm our commitment to maintaining one of the most interesting and dynamic learning environments in the country.

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