Clinical Teacher of the Year

The Clinical Teacher of the Year Award, initiated in 2008, demonstrates our belief in the importance of clinical legal education in preparing students for legal practice.

To be eligible for this award, a nominee must be a member of the clinical faculty; have taught in an experiential setting (in-house clinics, externship projects with a classroom component, and simulation courses) in the last calendar year; and may not have received the award in the last four years.

The Clinical Teacher of the Year Award is determined by a committee named by the dean. The committee uses the following criteria to evaluate candidates:

  1. They must provide excellent teaching in a clinical setting;
  2. take responsibility for creating, developing and implementing clinical education programs;
  3. stretch themselves in teaching, research and service, and inspire students and colleagues to do the same; and
  4. work constructively with the larger legal community.

Every year, the Law School requests nominations of its most recent graduating class, and second and third-year students. The committee relies heavily on these nominations to make its determination.

Winners of the Clinical Teacher of the Year Award

2017   Gretchen Viney
2016   Anne Smith
2015   Mary Prosser
2014   Sarah Orr
2013   Byron Lichstein
2012   Ben Kempinen
2011   Leslie Shear
2010   John Pray
2009   Marsha Mansfield
2008   Michele LaVigne

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