Teacher of the Year Award

University of Wisconsin Law School recognizes excellence in classroom teaching through its Classroom Teacher of the Year Award. This honor, which has been given for over 25 years, demonstrates the value we place on faculty who engage and inspire their students through outstanding teaching and guidance.

The Classroom Teacher of the Year is determined annually by a poll of our most recent graduating class,and current second and third-year law students. To be eligible, faculty must have taught in the last calendar year; have not received the award in the past four years; and be a regular, tenure-track faculty member, a clinical professor, a legal research and writing instructor, or academic staff member who teaches in a classroom setting.  

The purpose of this award is to recognize truly remarkable teaching in a classroom setting. We recognize excellent clinical teaching with a separate award. Adjunct teaching is also honored separately. 

Winners of the Teacher of the Year Award

2016 Miriam Seifter

2015 Brad Snyder
2014 Steven Barkan
2013 Asifa Quraishi-Landes (2nd award)
2012 David Schwartz (2nd award)
2011 Howard Erlanger (5th award)
2010 Larry Church (5th award)
2009 Allison Christians
2008 Peter Carstensen and Asifa Quraishi-Landes
2007 Carin Clauss and William Whitford (2nd award for both)
2006 Howard Erlanger (4th award)

2005 Jane Schacter (2nd award)
2004 David Schwartz
2003 Larry Church (4th award)
2002 Ann Althouse
2001 Gordon Baldwin
2000 Howard Erlanger (3rd award)
1999 Frank Tuerkheimer
1998 Larry Church (3rd award)
1997 John Kidwell
1996 Jane Schacter

1995 Howard Erlanger (2nd award)
1994 Beverly Moran
1993 Larry Church (2nd award)
1992 Vicki Schultz
1991 Carin Clauss
1990 Bill Whitford
1989 Howard Erlanger
1988 Larry Church
1987 Kenneth Davis
1986 Charles Irish

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