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Questions About Jury Instructions on Compact Disk

  1. What will I receive?
    Purchasers of jury instructions on compact disk will receive a CD containing the text of all instructions in MS Word and Wordperfect format. It is important to understand that the commentary by each of the jury instructions committees explaining each instruction is not reproduced on the CD. The CD is purely a database to be copied into your computer. Purchasers receive a license to use the CD.
  2. Will the Law School provide technical or user assistance related to the use of the CDs?
    The Law School cannot provide computer support service or consultation. We can provide basic assistance to resolve installation problems.
  3. What computer memory and software do I need to use the Instruction CD?
    It is recommended that your office computer have a hard disk of at least 20MB. You will also need MS-DOS version 2.1 or greater, an IBM compatible computer, and either Wordperfect or MS Word.
  4. How will supplementation or updates be handled?
    The CD will be updated to coincide with the publication of supplements to the instructions ordered by the purchaser. Purchasers of the CD will automatically be sent replacement CD along with an invoice.
  5. What copyright and other protections apply?
    The CD is copyrighted by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin. Reproduction of the CD without written permission of the Law School is prohibited.
  6. Does the CD eliminate the need for a printed copy of Wisconsin Jury Instructions-Civil, Wisconsin Jury Instructions-Criminal, or Wisconsin Jury Instructions-Children?
    No, the instructions on the CD are intended as a tool to quickly produce written instructions for trial and are not intended as a research or reference guide. The CD does not contain Committee commentary to each instruction. This commentary explains each instruction, provides useful citations, and offers important suggestions and warnings regarding the use of the instructions.

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