University of Wisconsin–Madison

Course category: Law Practice Skills

743 Negotiations/Mediation

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
743-001Cagle, RalphW 240-4405240
743-002Heymann, S. RichardTR 1030-11505246

801 Evidence

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
801-001Findley, KeithMW 950-11505246
801-002Hurley, StephenTR 540-7402260

808 Advanced Legal Writing: Contract Drafting

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
808-001Turner, AndrewT 540-7403253

849 Pre-Trial Advocacy

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
849-001Edwards, TimothyW 540-7403250

854 Clinical Program: Domestic Violence Externship

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
854-001Meuer, Teresa
854-002Gendreau, Chad Peacock, AnnR 830-1030WI DOJ
854-003Heymann, Jane
854-004Mitch, W 950-11503268
854-005Kempinen, Ben
854-006Kerschensteiner, Kristin
854-007LaVigne, Michele
854-008Mansfield, MarshaMW 100-2303261
854-009Clauss, Carin
854-010Orr, SarahTR 900-11003226
854-011Pray, JohnW 930-11503226
854-012Sperling, Carrie Smith, LindseyFindley, Keith
854-013Tai, Steph
854-014Scharrer, Jonathan
854-015Shear, Leslie
854-016Englund, EricSmith, AnneF 1000-1200WI Insts. for Discovery
854-018Heymann, Jane
854-019Stevenson, Adam
854-020McBride, ErinF 1100-11503247
854-022Erez-Navot, DonnaT 830-10303268
854-023Stevenson, Adam

862 Legal Assist to Institutionalized Persons

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
862-001Prosser, Mary

880 Client Interviewing & Counseling

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
880-001Viney, GretchenM 240-4403250

926 SP Tort Law: Wisconsin Negligence Law

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
926-001Dykman, CharlesR 110-3103261~

939 SP Family Law: Hanging out a Shingle (Family Law)

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
939-002Mansfield, MarshaM 950-11505223

940 Defense Function: Hanging out a Shingle (Criminal Practice)

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
940-008LaVigne, MicheleMW 950-11503260~

950 Lawyering Skills: Oral Communications

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
950-003Plum, Christina

953 SP Bus. Orgs.: Advising Private Business Owners

Course #InstructorTimesLocation
953-001Gehl, MichaelR 950-11503260