726 Intro to Substantive Criminal Law - §003, Fall 2016

Categories: Criminal Law

Instructor(s) Prosser, Mary

Problems in defining what conduct should be subject to criminal penalties; the limitations of criminal law as a means for prevention and control of undesirable conduct.

Learning outcomes

In this course students will:

1. learn the basic concepts of a criminal code;
2. learn how to read and understand a statute, even an unfamiliar one, and the cases interpreting it;
3. learn how to apply statutory definitions to new fact situations;
4. learn the basic roles of the actors in the criminal justice system (a more detailed approach to the system is taught in Criminal Justice Administration);
5. learn the legal and ethical standards that govern decision-making in criminal cases;
6. learn the benefits of collaborative efforts and how to work effectively with colleagues;
7. begin to learn the analysis and conventions expected in legal writing; and
8. begin to develop their skills in oral analysis and advocacy.

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