University of Wisconsin–Madison

732 Real Estate Transactions I - §001, Fall 2018

Categories: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law Real Estate, Land Use, and Community Law

Instructor(s) Viney, Gretchen

This section of Real Estate Transactions focuses on the basic principles of real estate transfer and finance as encountered in law practice. The course emphasizes application of these principles to problems encountered by clients. Although the course centers on residential real estate, it provides the base of information necessary for any type of real estate practice. The course highlights: the essential legal theories underlying residential real estate transfer and finance; the sources of real estate law; practice tools; the role of the lawyer in real estate transactions; and the broad issues involved in modern real estate practice.

Upon completion of this class, each student will:
1. Know the essential legal theories underlying the transfer of residential real estate and the financing of those transactions.
2. Be familiar with sources of real estate law and with practice tools.
3. Understand the role of the lawyer and other professionals in real estate transactions.
4. Recognize the broad issues and theories in modern real estate transactions.

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