University of Wisconsin–Madison

749 Trademarks - §001, Spring 2012

Categories: Intellectual Property

Instructor(s) Sidel, Mark

This course investigates the law of disputes about trade symbols -- Coke, Aspirin, Monopoly, Bucky Badger and the shape of a bottle of household bleach. The laws governing the use and abuse of trade symbols is a matter of both federal and state law, and this course develops both an understanding of the competing theoretical rationales for protection of trade symbols, and a knowledge of the mechanics of the federal and state laws concerning such symbols. Some attention is also given to actionable false advertising, as addressed in the Lanham Act. The course studies the interests of, and conflicts between, (1) consumers of products and services, (2) established producers of those products and services, and (3) those who wish to compete with the established producers.

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