University of Wisconsin–Madison

752 Copyright Law - §001, Spring 2017

Categories: Intellectual Property

Instructor(s) Frenchick, Grady

Literature, video games, sculpture, cartoons, movies, music, puzzles, computer software, architecture, advertisements: copyright involves them all, and the cases in this course touch on almost every aspect of modern culture. Copyright law studies the theory and mechanics of protecting investments in a variety of intellectual and creative products. Most of the law of copyright is set out in a complex federal statute, which is the main focus for the course. Some attention will also be paid to related laws that can provide alternatives to copyright protection.

A paper is required if the course is taken for three credits.

Learning Outcomes:
1. To learn the basics of copyright creation, protection and assertion.
2. To identify and understand the influences upon copyright of a.) global interconnectivity; b.) Precision digital replication; and c.) the evolution in content provider and content distributor relationships.
3. To understand the basics of copyrighted works contractual arrangements.
4. To understand the interplay between copyright and the computer hardware and software industries.
5. To understand the basics of copyright disputes and their resolution.

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