753 Intro to Intellectual Property - §001, Fall 2014

Categories: Intellectual Property

Instructor(s) Frenchick, Grady

Introduction to IP Law (Law 753)

Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances, in accordance with American Bar Association standards, this class will primarily be taught as a 3-credit distance education class with the instructor leading the discussion from out of state.

This class will be taught from the perspective of a practicing intellectual property (IP) lawyer. We develop the theory and applicability of the major bodies of IP law as they relate to the chronological development of IP from pure ideas, to trade secret, to patentable inventions, to trademark and copyright coverage. State and federal law theories of IP protection, conflict, and accommodation will be discussed.

We will use Merges et al, Intellectual Property Law in the New Technological Age, 6th edition, 2012 as our casebook. The distribution of subject matter will be about ½ ideas, trade secret and patent, 1/3 trademark branding and social media issues, and 1/6 copyright law.

Evaluation will be a combination of in-class participation and an in-class exam we will discuss during the first class (which I will attend in person.)

Please feel free to call or email: grady.frenchick@lakeregionmedical.com; 608-334-3014.

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