771 Estate & Trust Administration and Dispute Resolution - §002, Spring 2017

Categories: Estate Planning/Elder Law

Instructor(s) Goldman, Jeffrey

Selected Topics in Estate Planning: Estate & Trust Admin & Dispute Resolution.

This course will examine legal and interpersonal issues that arise in the administration of probate estates, trusts, and non-probate assets. It will address the Wisconsin probate code and newly enacted trust code (2014), dynamics of interaction between the various parties, interpretation and implementation of governing instruments, powers and duties of fiduciaries, management of estate and trust assets, rights of beneficiaries, and resolution of disputes. The course will be taught on an intermediate level and will use real life situations to illustrate problem solving in this area. Enrollment limit is 18. Grade based on final exam and class participation.

771-002 Trusts & Estates Administration and Dispute Resolution Goldman, J.
Learning Outcomes - By the end of the course, students should:
1. Be able to review a will and/or a trust and identify the fiduciary and beneficial interests
2. Be able to identify and understand the distribution standards of a trust
3. Be able to commence a probate administration under Wisconsin law and have a working understanding of typical administration tasks and deadlines
4. Have a working understanding of typical trust administration tasks and deadlines
5. Understand the fiduciary duties that apply to personal representatives and trustees
6. Have a working knowledge of procedural and substantive law relating to estate and trust disputes
7. Have a working familiarity with the Wisconsin Trust Code and Wisconsin Probate Code
8. Know how to terminate an estate administration or a trust

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