808 Advanced Legal Writing: Drafting & Working with Statutes - §003, Spring 2014

Categories: Legal Writing Municipal and Local Government

Instructor(s) Kreye, Joe

Being able to read a statute from the drafter’s perspective—and learning how to use statutory language strategically—is important for any practicing attorney, whether the attorney is litigating an issue in court or lobbying for change on behalf of a client. In this hands-on drafting course, students will write, edit, and revise state statutes using the training that the drafting attorneys for the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau receive. Students will learn about Wisconsin's bill drafting and legislative process, the function of statutes, and the importance of focusing not only on the intent of statutory language but also on its real-world consequences. The class will examine contemporary legal issues and attempt to craft legislative solutions. Instructor: Joseph Kreye (Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau)

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