848 Intro to Environmental Law - §001, Spring 2018

Categories: Environmental Law

Instructor(s) Tai, Steph

Overview of major environmental statutes, regulations and cases, and their implementation by regulatory agencies, as well as currently applicable common-law doctrine. Survey of environmental impact analysis, water and ground water, solid and hazardous waste, hazardous substance management and remediation, clean air act, common law remedies, enforcement and administrative process.

Learning Outcomes:

This course is designed to:
1. Provide you with a basic knowledge of the structure of federal (and Wisconsin) environmental law. Specifically, this course focuses on the major pollution statutes governing clean water, clean air, wastes, and overall environmental review.

2. Help you achieve a general understanding of how to actually apply environmental law, from a nonprofit group standpoint, a corporate standpoint, and a government standpoint. This involves thinking not only from the standpoint of different actors, but also different practice contexts, including litigation, administrative practice, enforcement, and compliance counseling.

3. Help you cultivate ways to communicate environmental law to non-lawyers. Because hey, these will often be your clients (whether you work in the nonprofit sector, private sector, or even for the government.) Whether you can actually communicate with them or not can be a make-or-break thing in regards to whether they want to continue to work with you. No pressure!

4. Give you an overview of the sorts of changes that are happening in this administration, and the tools to adapt to upcoming administrative efforts. Because law school can only do so much in terms of giving you the “current law,” which is always changing.

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