Categories: Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Law Practice Skills

Instructor(s) Kempinen, Ben

This course focuses on preparing a student to prepare and try a case, particularly a jury trial. Through the use of case files and assigned problems, students will do voir dire of juries, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, opening and closing statements. Students will also prepare and conduct a mock jury trial.

Learning Outcomes – students will have:
1. A working knowledge of Wisconsin rules of evidence including (1) proper forms of questions (2) structuring the examination of witnesses to comply with evidentiary rules (3) understanding foundational requirements for admission of various types of evidence (4) objections – making and responding to objections
2. The ability to develop a persuasive theory and theme for each case
3. Individual courtroom skills including (1) direct examination (2) cross examination (3) impeachment of witness with prior inconsistent statements (4) effective use of demonstrative aids and exhibits (5) issues related to expert testimony (6) jury selection (7) opening statements and closing arguments
4. An understanding of professionalism in the context of courtroom work – building on the prior discussion in the Prosecution Function class

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