904 SP Con Law: Constitutional Theory Colloquium - §003, Fall 2011

Categories: Constitutional Law

Instructor(s) Coan, Andrew

The Constitutional Theory Colloquium provides a unique educational opportunity for students with a strong interest and background in constitutional law. Over the course of the semester, six leading scholars from other institutions will present papers on diverse subjects related to constitutional law. We will spend two weeks on each paper. In the first week, students will meet with Professor Coan in a traditional seminar format to discuss a pre-assigned paper. For each week, two students will have principal responsibility for leading the discussion. In the second week, the scholar who wrote the paper will be present in person for a discussion moderated by Professor Coan. During this week, the students will often be joined by members of the law school faculty. Students will thus have the opportunity to engage in their own critical discussions in a seminar setting and to observe and participate in a high-level academic workshop on presentation weeks. Grades will be based on class participation and weekly response papers.

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