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940 IP Issues for Business Lawyers - §003, Spring 2011

Categories: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law

Instructor(s) Frenchick, Grady

IP Issues for Business Lawyers: 
(1.)     Mergers et al. IP in the New
Technological Age
, Revised 4th Ed. The text will be used during the first
1/3 to 1/2 of the semester while the students are researching their
presentation/paper topics;  Presentations will be scheduled and given
during the rest of the semester.  (2.)    IP-related
articles in the business popular press e.g., the Wall Street Journal, TheNew York Times, Newsweek, Time.  Recent examples
include stem cells (ethics), eBay (compulsory licensing), Blackberry (patent
entrepreneurs), short term copyright protection for fashions, the Merck
case (experimental use), Glaxo's settlement with the

for $3.4 x 109 (transfer price tax issues for intangible assets),
proprietary/generic drug conflicts, e.g. Bristol-Myersdrug Plavix, F.T.C.
generic drug policy, IP and telecom trade-based issues in the International
Trade Commission, KSR, Seagate, Patent Reform, 1st sale doctrine,
PTO Rulemaking, etc. There are many others.  The students find a topic of
their choice in the business popular press, research the IP and business issues
relating thereto, give a presentation to the class, and write a paper in law
review format. (If taking the course for 2 credits, the paper should be 15
pages; if for 3 credits, 25 pages.) 

The format permits business lawyer students with interests in copyright,
patent, litigation, antitrust law, tax law, ethics corporate law or trademark
law to take the class.  Evaluation: class discussion (10%), presentation
(10%) and paper (80%) (Pass-Fail available).  Prerequisite: one of the IP
survey course, basic patent law, patent prosecution, copyright law, trademarks,
licensing, or antitrust law, and an interest in IP business issues. 

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