Categories: Public Interest Law Real Estate, Land Use, and Community Law

Instructor(s) Alexander, Lisa

3 or 2 credits; Limit 15 people.

Instructor: Professor Lisa Alexander

This seminar is a broad introduction to the growing area of Housing and Community Economic Development Law (CED). It will address the legal, business and policy considerations that underlie efforts to enhance U.S.-based, low-income, urban and rural communities through the development of affordable housing, commercial real estate, and social and micro enterprises. Because non-profit organizations play an important role in housing and community economic development, the course will provide an introduction to the legal issues related to the involvement of tax-exempt organizations in this work. The role of private entities as well as all levels of government will be explored. The central question in this course is: what roles do lawyers play in housing and CED efforts? We will address this question through multiple perspectives including role plays, in-class exercises, hearing guest speakers discuss live deals and visiting real world projects. Students will each write a seminar paper of at least 15-25 pages.

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