University of Wisconsin–Madison

940 Evidence for Litigators (Evidence II) - §003, Spring 2014

Categories: Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Appellate Practice

Instructor(s) Schwartz, David

Evidence for Litigators (Evidence II): (2 credits)

This 2-credit, practice skills simulation course occupies the second half of the spring semester. It begins immediately on completion of Evidence I and is open to students who have successfully completed Evidence I. Evidence for Litigators (Evidence II) takes the rules introduced in Evidence I and explores them in greater depth through various practice skills and role play exercises. Students will be assigned various simulation problems requiring the use of evidence rules in examining witnesses, drafting and arguing evidence motions, and arguing appeals. The bulk of the course will be devoted to working through an extensive simulated case file, in which students will be assigned to represent one side, identify the evidence issues in the file, and come up with ways to resolve or argue them. The course will both solidify your understanding of the evidence rules through applying the rules to realistic situations, while at the same time helping you develop litigation practice skills useful for both civil and criminal litigators.

Assessment is based on class participation, a final oral argument, a short written evidence motion (approximately 5 pages) and a group take-home case-file analysis.

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