940 Construction Law - §005, Spring 2014

Categories: Business, Corporate, Commercial Law Economic Regulation Real Estate, Land Use, and Community Law

Instructor(s) Aiken, Jeffrey

The course, which will meet once a week for two hours, deals with the various aspects of construction law, drawing upon and expanding a student’s knowledge of contract and tort law in the process of exploring the wide array of construction specific issues --such as project delivery systems, risk allocation principles, contract forms, insurance coverages, liens, surety bonds, owner and contractor claims and dispute resolution processes. Without a basic knowledge of unique construction contract principles, one is ill-equipped to address many of the issues that arise in these and other contract settings involving inter-dependent performance requirements. The sessions will be taught in a lecture and practical exercise format, focusing on pre-assigned reading materials as well as analytical and contract drafting skills applicable to this vast field of economic activity encompassing over one-third of U.S. economic output. There will be two 30 minute in-class mid-term tests and a final exam -- all of which will be open book and consist of true-false, fill-in-the-blank and short drafting assignments.

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