University of Wisconsin–Madison

940 Public Health Law Practice Workshop - §006, Spring 2015

Categories: Health Law Consumer Law

Instructor(s) Davis, Sarah

This Practice Workshop offered online is designed to complement students’ experience in Health and Public Health Externships and related placements in the Government and Legislative Clinic. Accessible from anywhere, it will enable students to participate in externships far and near, taking advantage of placements at federal and state agencies, and non-governmental agencies, outside of the Madison area. The course is designed around six broad practice topic areas: (1) Non-legal skills essential to lawyering, (2) Partnering with other professionals, (3) Organizational fit: Finding the right workplace, (4) Using Data/Evidence to craft legal solutions, (5) Strategic communication and advocacy, and (6) Lawyering under uncertainty. Students will explore leadership skills and how to receive feedback from supervisors, learn about lawyers’ roles in addressing ethical concerns, be able to contrast their experiences with students at different sites, and gain practical tools to utilize in their current externships and future practice. Course activities include participation in discussion forums, self-assessments regarding skills, attributes, and strengths, weekly written reflections on the relationship between course material and their externship experience, and interviews with key stakeholders in externship sites.

Faculty: Clinical Associate Professor Sarah Davis,

Course is consent of instructor and is limited to students concurrently enrolled in a Health or Public Health Law Externship or related placement in the Government and Legislative Clinic. Students are strongly recommended to have taken Public Health Law or Health Law (concurrent enrollment okay)

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