940 Law & People with Disabilities - §010, Fall 2011

Categories: Health Law Human Rights Administrative and Regulatory Law

Instructor(s) Spitzer-Resnick, Jeffrey, Hanna, Jodi

This seminar will survey the major laws that affect people with disabilities, including Special Education, the Americans with Disabilities Act, housing and employment discrimination, Social Security Disability, SSI, Medicaid and other financial issues, Human Services delivery systems, Protective Services and Placement, the Right to Appropriate Treatment and Services, Guardianship, competence, Informed Consent, Substituted Judgment, and Forced Treatment: Civil Commitment and the Right to Refuse Treatment. Teaching Methods: This course is a seminar taught by four attorneys who work for Disability Rights Wisconsin, the protection and advocacy agency for people with disabilities in Wisconsin. Each attorney will be responsible for seminars in the area of his/her expertise. There will be three in-class exercises to help students develop practice skills in the areas of special education, employment discrimination, and mental health law. Students will be expected to have a significant role in two of the three exercises. Active class participation is expected and included as part of the overall grade. There will also be a one 15-20 page paper due at the end of the semester.

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