Categories: Labor and Employment Law Administrative and Regulatory Law

Instructor(s) Aplin, Ronald, Neal, John

Two experienced Wisconsin worker's compensation attorneys, John D. Neal of Stafford & Neal, S.C. and Ronald S. Aplin of Aplin & Ringsmuth, LLC, will offer a two-credit worker's compensation course Spring semester. Introductory lectures on substantive legal and procedural topics will be augmented by presentations by guests including an orthopedic surgeon, a neurologist, an occupational medicine specialist, a psychologist and a chiropractor, who will introduce students to some of the medical and psychological principles and issues involved in litigated worker's compensation claims. A vocational consultant will also serve as a guest presenter, to familiarize students with issues as to vocational rehabilitation and loss of earning capacity, which are frequently litigated in contested worker's compensation claims. A panel of administrative law judges will also present their views on effective representation in litigated worker's compensation cases. Experienced Wisconsin worker's compensation attorneys will examine and cross-examine the guest medical, psychological and vocational experts as a means of providing information to students in an interesting format, and to give them a look at trial skills in action.  At the conclusion of the course, students will conduct mock worker's compensation hearings, based upon a hypothetical worker's compensation claim presenting legal, medical, psychological and vocational issues. (The hypothetical case will serve as the basis for the "testimony" by the medical, psychological and vocational guest presenters as the course progresses.)  Experienced attorneys will "adjudicate" the mock worker's compensation hearings at the conclusion of the course. Students will be graded in part upon a legal memorandum to be written in support of the positions of their "clients" at hearing, and in part upon their presentations at the mock hearings themselves. 


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