940 Community Lawyering - §011, Fall 2013

Categories: Public Interest Law Real Estate, Land Use, and Community Law

Instructor(s) Mitch,

Community Lawyering is a service learning course intended to cultivate essential lawyering skills while working on projects that address community issues.

For Fall 2013, students will work in small groups and in collaboration with community partners on developing proposals that would address the partners' needs and help accomplish their goals. This will require working with organizations to define their goals and identify the roles lawyers would play in achieving or advancing those goals.

In classroom sessions we will examine the roles of various community lawyers and how their work furthers a wide variety of community goals. Throughout the semester, feedback will result in proposals evolving and being refined. At the conclusion of the semester, the proposals will be presented, with an ideal goal that one (or more) will be chosen to become a real project of the Law School and/or the legal community.

Students should come ready to build on and integrate their prior work, volunteer, clinic, internship, or academic research experiences. For consent to enroll, students should submit a brief email (no more than 400 words, or roughly two paragraphs) detailing their interest and highlighting their relevant prior experiences. Relevant experience could include any significant work, volunteer, clinic, internship, or academic research experiences. Send interest statements (or address questions) to mitch@wisc.edu

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