940 L&CP: Defense Function (Private Practice) - §012, Fall 2012

Categories: Criminal Law Legal Profession

Instructor(s) LaVigne, Michele, Strang, Dean

A substantial amount of criminal defense work in any jurisdiction is handled by private practitioners who accept appointments from the court or the local public defenders office. This course will focus on the defense of a criminal case, from attorney-client issues through sentencing, with special attention paid to issues that affect private counsel, including hiring experts, record keeping, time management, and mentoring for the solo practitioner. Substantive topics covered will include case analysis, motions (statutory and constitutional), mitigation, negotiations, and professional responsibility. (Note: This course will not cover the actual trial of a case). Grading will be on the basis of written submissions (motions, memos etc.) and in class performance (arguments, evidentiary motions).

This class is only open to 3Ls who have NOT participated in the Defender or Prosecution Projects. Students enrolled in 940-011 (The Prosecution Function) or 940-012 (The Defense Function) during the Spring 2012 semester are not eligible to enroll.
Enrollment Limit: 16

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